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Grow Proud and Confident

Just as the combined effort of the roots and trunk of a tree ensures growth and stability, Poplar Academy believes that every child, with the correct support and guidance, can grow into a proud and confident individual.



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Innovative Teaching Methods

International Education

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From the principal's desk

Poplar Academy can be summed up in two words, namely ‘Simply Different’. But what does this mean to us and potentially to you, our most valued prospective learner and alumni?

As a co-educational and parallel medium independent school (Cambridge Curriculum), situated in the heart of Crowthorne (Midrand), we offer a foundation rooted in knowledge, yet upholding an equally strong supportive and nurturing environment that encourages sustainable self-confidence and whole-person effectiveness in terms of respectfully minding self and others, as well as what needs to be achieved academically and non-academically, both in our school environment and community at large.

Learn more about our international education 

Intermediate - FET

Trial week

Ensure your child is happy

We understand every parent wants their children to be happy in their school environment. That's why we invite your child to come and spend a week with us. Your child will attend usual school activities while enjoying a fun-filled week. Then they can decide whether we are a good fit. 


Parents are more than welcome to come and chat with our team members as well as take a look around our school.

Poplar Academy information

An education recognised around the world.

Leadership through guidance and service.

A passionate and dedicated team of educators to help your child grow. 


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