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Welcome to Poplar Academy!

The Admissions Policy is in line with the South African Constitution, South African Schools Act (Act No 84 of 1996) and the National Education Policy Act (Act No 27 of 1996). The Admissions Policy of this school is determined by the directors of the school. The Head and the admissions team are responsible for the administration of the admission of learners into Poplar Academy.

Poplar Academy accepts registrations at all times during the school year through the Admissions office. Registrations are accepted from the birth of the child. Priority will however be given to learners who already have a sibling/s in the school.

Registration Requirements

A copy of the pupil’s Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of date of birth

A copy of his/her most recent school report

Completed Registration Forms

Ensure your child is happy

We understand every parent wants their children to be happy in their school environment. That's why we invite your child to come and spend a week with us. Your child will attend usual school activities while enjoying a fun-filled week. Then they can decide whether we are a good fit. 



Parents are more than welcome to come and chat with our team members as well as take a look around our school.

“We joined the Poplar family nearly three years ago. I say family as Poplar Academy is warm, nurturing and welcoming. The teachers are competent, supportive, yet firm. While children are encouraged to express their individualism and creativity, there is a healthy balance of discipline. The school is regularly maintained and upgraded.


We believe our girls are getting a good education as they are thriving academically and are developing emotionally.”

Robynne & Stephen Shields



Step 1

Download and complete the following forms:

  • Enrolment form

  • Registration form (Cambridge)

  • Registration form (DoE)

  • Indemnity form

Step 2

Email or drop off the forms with the registrar and ensure all is completed correctly.

Tinkie Nortmann

Step 3

Poplar Academy will contact you within the week to confirm a time for an interview with your child.

Enrolment forms

Indemnity Form

Registration Form


Registration Form


Enrolment From

“Poplar has been our children’s home away from home for the past 7 years. Poplar lives up to being ” Simply Different”. More than school, more learner orientated than curriculum based, compassionate and responsive. The curriculum was never presented as an overwhelming or intimidating mass of information. Fun was always included in the calendar to include community involvement and socializing.

We have seen our girls blossom at school. Every parent’s wish!”
Lizelle & Pierre Naude

If you are unsure of anything or would like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Thanks! Message sent.

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