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6 - 12 year olds


A foundation rooted in knowledge.

Our primary school learners spend a productive day at school!


The Cambridge curriculum is rich in experiences in a variety of topics.

Learners have ample opportunity to work practically, explore and move while learning. The sensory approach to learning ensures that the child is stimulated as a whole which makes learning fun and more effective.


Brain Boosters and Lego Education are continued in the early years. Enough time and room for movement and expression is built into the daily program.

Sports , music and drama (public speaking) are some of the weekly activities.

Plenty of special events or days are built into the calendar to ensure fun and socializing eg, Book Week, Language Week, Science Week and outings.

Poplar Academy offers young learners the opportunity to develop basic mathematical, reading and writing skills while expanding their general knowledge and experience base.

All prerequisites for learning is accounted for in the daily schedule and calendar.


Sensory approach 

Room for movement and expression ​

Extra murals include:




Fun learning

Special events and day are included

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