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Light Pockets

A program for Cambridge IGCSE and AS learners.

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A revolutionary connected learning experience


Poplar offers a revolutionary connected learning experience with flexibility in terms of an at school experience, or online facilitation. Poplar students follow the Cambridge curriculum in preparation for CIE (Cambridge International Exams).

A wide variety of subjects are on offer, all which form part of the International Cambridge curriculum. Learners are able to write all International exams for IGCSE and AS at our registered Cambridge Exam Centre in Midrand

All CIE candidates are welcome to onboard our ‘Poplar Light Pockets’ programme, which includes:

Provision for individual + group tutoring (in-person/online)

Successful exam preparation simulation sessions (actual CIE exam conditions), 

Vocationally-focused workshops (Further Education and Training)

The above support is on offer to learners who choose to learn at school, in our friendly, natural space or study as a remote (off campus) learner.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about Light Pockets

Our staff will be able to answer any questions

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