Our teachers

Committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment.

Teachers are fully trained in various aspects of development, teaching styles and curriculum and have access to a vast platform of knowledge and equipment.

The small classes strive for optimal learning and learner-teacher satisfaction within a caring, friendly environment.

Our highly educated and experienced staff take the time and effort to offer ” more than school” in this friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

Dr. Wikus Naude


Special events an

Dr. Wikus Naude

Fun learning

Dr. Wikus Naude

Extra murals include:

Dr. Wikus Naude

Room for movement

Dr. Wikus Naude

39 Whisken Avenue, Crowthorne, Midrand, 1684

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Simply Different 

Just as the combined effort of the roots and trunk of a tree ensures growth and stability, Poplar Academy believes that every child, with the correct support and guidance, can grow into a proud and confident individual.


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